Beatrice Azoulay – Biography

Beatrice Azoulay is a professional real estate broker with over 20 years’ experience, specializing in sales and leasing of commercial, industrial, retail, and office properties in the Greater Montreal area. Her indepth knowledge of the market as well as her superior negotiating skills has earned her the respect of building owners as well as colleagues in the field. Her training and experience in marketing will insure that the properties entrusted to her will get the most beneficial exposure and will target the appropriate clientele.

Beatrice’s success in closing thousands of transactions to the satisfaction of both parties can be attributed to her ability to quickly and accurately identify her clients’ needs and her commitment to providing her clients with the results they desire. Having been a business owner, she understands how crucial it is to provide her clients with the best returns in the most efficient and stress-free way.

Throughout her career, Beatrice has developed an extensive network of business owners and commercial property investors who rely on her to find the best matches to guarantee successful transactions. Having worked for large corporations as well as for major property owners, Beatrice has the knowledge and experience to make sure her clients make no mistakes. She has extensive experience in drafting and reviewing legal documents including commercial leases required to close deals. She is able to provide guidance in evaluating properties from many different perspectives, from environmental to cash flow, to location, and to suitability to specific needs.

In addition to being an experienced Real Estate Broker, Beatrice holds a B.Comm in Marketing from McGill University . Her interests are varied. She loves travelling, nature and spending time with family.